Contemporary,  Romance

Beneath the Surface – Emily McIntire

5/5 Stars

“Give me all your secrets. I promise to keep them safe,”

Lily has spent her entire life running. Mason has spent his whole life trying to disappear. With their individual pasts haunting them, Lily and Mason don’t have time to let their guards down. Being vulnerable is dangerous for Lily, but when Mason unexpectedly shows up in her life, she can’t help but to hope for light at the end of her dark tunnel. With secrets of his own, Mason struggles to let Lily in fully. Knowing him is dangerous, and he feels responsible for keeping her safe. Lily, traumatized by her own past, wants to let Mason in but knows he’s hiding secrets from her.

Will their secrets tear them apart?

In this fourth and final book in the Sugarlake series by Emily McIntire, Beneath the Surface is a beautiful composition of loss and love, scars and healing, pain and strength. Beneath the Surface entirely blew me away, and gave me chills right up until the very end of this stunning novel.

Though Beneath the Surface is an interconnected standalone, it is recommended that you read the previous books in the series before reading. If any, reading Beneath the Stars will give you a better understanding of the past when reading this book.

Let’s dive right into what I thought!

I binged the Sugarlake series and was so excited to finish reading this series. I was not disappointed at all. Emily McIntire has a way with words that will leave you questioning how you’ve ever existed without them before. Reading Lily’s story brought the entire series full story. This was my favorite book in the series. It was full of pain and trauma, and it gave me chills. This book will keep you up all night long on the edge of your seat. It’s thrilling, exciting, and the end isn’t one that you’ll anticipate.

This book is beautiful.

With two epilogues following the final story, you’ll be left with the closure that your heart longs for.

While I’m going to miss the Sugarlake characters, I’m excited to read more of Emily McIntire’s work.

I recommend reading this entire series beginning to end for the full experience. If you’re a fan of Penelope Douglas, this author is definitely one you’ll like. In the comments below, let me know what you thought of Beneath the Surface!

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