You Were There Too – Colleen Oakley

4/5 Stars

“Maybe all that matters is that love is a circle. Infinite. Eternal. Present, even when the person you want to be there most is absent.” 

Mia Graydon life seems picture perfect. She has the house of her dreams and the husband of her dreams, but there’s other dreams in her life that don’t quite fit. Artist Mia and her husband, Harrison, relocated to a small town in Pennsylvania to start fresh. While Harrison’s always working, Mia’s having trouble landing a solid job. She’s having a hard time finding anything solid in her life to grasp onto, and her dreams of the handsome stranger she’s befriended in her sleep for years haven’t left her alone. In this dreamy novel by Colleen Oakley, we follow Mia as she navigates her way through her struggles with her husband, with starting a family, with finding a successful career path. And when the stranger from her dreams shows up in real life, Mia starts to think, maybe, she’s got it all wrong.

Without spoiling the exciting and jaw-dropping details of You Were There Too, here’s what I thought.

This novel captivated me straight from the beginning. All of Oakley’s characters jumped off the page, and I felt like I was in the book right with them (which is something I love when reading a good book). As we learned more about the different men in this book, I had a hard time choosing the one I loved the most, and wasn’t necessarily surprised with the decision from the main character. In the end, though, the book left me surprised and wishing I had more to read. I didn’t expect the way things turned out in the end, and it left a bittersweet taste right along with it.

This book made me feel things. I might’ve cried, and that’s saying a lot. Similarly to Mia’s husband, I rarely cry. This book definitely had me crying.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who’s a fan of Colleen Hoover books. Oakley has a way with words and stories that capture your heart and leave you missing the characters long after you’ve finished reading. As I tweeted directly to Colleen Oakley earlier this year, I would pretty much read anything she wrote after reading this year. Even if it was a to-do list, grocery list… a bunch of gibberish thrown to scrap paper. I’d read it all. She’s that good.

If you’ve read You Were There Too by Colleen Oakley, leave a comment below and let me know what you thought! If you haven’t, is it on your TBR list?

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