Contemporary,  Romance

Playing with Fire – L.J. Shen

4/5 Stars

“The worst day of your life gave me the best version of you.”

In this New Adult Romance, A damaged boy on the path to destruction and a scarred girl with no path collide, walking into flames together. Grace Shaw is a college student working at a food truck with a past that she hides every day despite its unavoidable side affects. West St. Claire is a well-known bad boy who drives a motorcycle and fights in underground rings.

West pushes his way into Grace’s every day life, causing her to second guess the feelings she’s acquiring for him. It’s hard for her to trust her feelings when she truly believes that he could ruin her in the end. West isn’t a quitter, though, and the more she pushes him away, the more he pulls back. With West breaking Grace out of her shell, she fears that falling in love with him is playing with fire. She’s all too acquainted with burning, and isn’t sure whether or not she can withstand the flames.

Grace and West’s story will leave you wanting more. I know I did!

I instantly fell in love with Grace’s flawed character, West’s damaged one, and the way they complimented each other in the most breakable way. The backstories of these characters will leave you in tears, heart broken, and the way they find themselves in each other will warm your heart.

The emotions I felt while reading Playing with Fire were endless. I laughed, I cried… ultimately, I fell in love with Grace and West.

If you’re a fan of Penelope Douglas and Colleen Hoover, Playing with Fire by L.J. Shen is a terrific read, especially if you’re new to her books!

If you’ve read this book by L.J. Shen, let me know what you thought and recommend the next book by her that I should read!

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