Contemporary,  Romance

Out of the Gate & Off to the Races – Elsie Silver

5/5 Stars

“Two broken people, damaged by the ones meant to love them the most, finding solace in each other’s arms.”

Elsie Silver, Off to the Races.

Starting with Out of the Gate by Elsie Silver, this novella follows Ada and Dermot as they struggle with their undeniable attraction to each other. Ada’s ten years younger than Dermot, who’s known her since she was a little girl. Their love is forbidden, terrifying, and completely wild. Will they work out their differences and find a way to make it work?

I loved this novella. Elsie Silver has a way with words that is so elegant in its simplicity, this story bleeds pure love. This novella is an 18+ small town forbidden romance that serves as a prequel to Silver’s debut novel, Off to the Races. I absolutely ate up this novel and was still hungry for more. Luckily for me, Off to the Races is available everywhere, and you can read it right now!

Off to the Races follows Vaughn Harding, Ada and Dermot’s grandson, several years later as he struggles to prove the innocence of his grandfather and save his family farm. With a beautiful Stallion, Double Diablo, giving all of his trainers problems, Vaughn and his business partner, Hank, set out to find a new hire to train their young horses. Billie Black is a young self-starter with a complicated past that she’s hid from her entire life. As a close family friend of Hanks, she accepts an offer to interview for the training position on Gold Rush Ranch as the head trainer. After an unfortunate first meeting with Vaughn, Billie accepts the position and begins her work with Double Diablo or “DD” as she likes to call the misunderstood horse. As Billie and Vaughn butt heads, their work ethic becomes less professional and more personal. Will they overcome their issues and find a resolve in each other, or will they lose everything they worked hard for? In this stunning debut novel by Elsie Silver, you’ll be left wishing you had more to read.

I was blown away by this book. I fell in love with Billie’s strength. Of all the new contemporary romance I’ve read recently, this novel climbs the charts. Billie is a perfect heroin with a heart of gold, determination like no other. Vaughn has a hard exterior, constantly contemplating the difference between right and wrong. Every choice he makes seems to disappoint somebody, and he struggles with pleasing the people most important to him. Both characters have a lot of pain to overcome, and their story is so heartfelt and beautiful.

I was really excited to read these books, but now I’m starving for more. I need more.

I’m inclined to say these books are top tier and everyone should read them. (18+)

If you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks and L.J. Shen, you’ll absolutely love these books. I know I did.

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Her next book in the series, A Photo Finish, comes out on August 13th!

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