Contemporary,  Romance

Vicious – L.J. Shen

4/5 Stars

“Be wise. Let your heart lead the way. And when you find someone who’s worth it—never let them go.”

In this dark romance novel by L.J. Shen, Vicious follows Emilia and Vicious, two people from entirely different worlds who are crash each others worlds to pieces. Emilia’s attracted to Vicious but knows he’s just that– Vicious. Vicious, with a hard exterior and a hunger for hurting those around him, bullies Emilia like it’s his job, and when he forces her out of the state after they graduate high school, they never speak again.

That is, until they meet again in New York at 28 years old. Ten years later, and Emilia still gets under Vicious’ skin just as he gets under hers. While Emilia, an artist with a big heart, just wants to afford basic living necessities and take care of her ill younger sister, Rosie, Vicious has other plans. He offers Emilia a job working for him, and the money is too good not to accept. With Vicious back in Emilia’s life, everything grows just as complicated as it was back in their high school days.

In this novel filled with pain, heartbreak, and tension, it’s hard to figure out exactly what the right thing is. Right seems wrong while wrong seems acceptable. Morality is questioned, hearts bleed, and lies are exposed.

I am obsessed with this novel. It’s the third L.J. Shen book I’ve read, and I was nervous reading this book because I’ve never been a fan of darker romance novels, but this one is beautifully written. This heartfelt, painful story will leave you wishing you had more to read.

Luckily, there is more. Vicious is the first interconnected stand-alone novel in the Sinners of Saint series, and you can read it FREE on Kindle Unlimited. I absolutely loved Emilia’s sense of style, originality and determination. Her heart glowed off the pages. Vicious was bold and broken, and ultimately I fell in love with him too.

I’m so excited to read the rest of the Sinners of Saint series! If you’ve read Vicious by L.J. Shen, leave a comment below along with any book recommendations you may have!

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