Punk 57 – Penelope Douglas

5/5 stars

“Alone, Empty, Fraud, Shame, Fear, Close your eyes. There is nothing to see out here.”

In this stand-alone enemies to lovers/friends to lovers romance by Penelope Douglas, Punk 57 follows Misha and Ryen, two childhood penpals who have never met in person. With their constant communication for years, Misha and Ryen Become best friends with one simple rule: we’ll never meet in person. They never look each other up, and they have no idea what the other looks like. That is, until, Misha runs into Ryen at a party and is instantly intrigued by everything that she is. When Misha switches schools and goes under a fake name, rules are broken. Ryen begins to crave the attention of the new stranger, but her attachment to her penpal leaves her filled with guilt. Misha hasn’t written her in three months, but she can’t accept that their friendship is coming to an end. In this spicy New Adult romance, lines are blurred, trust is ruined and hearts get smashed to pieces.

As a lover of all things Penelope Douglas, I was already excited to read this novel, but I hadn’t anticipated for it to blow me away as much as it did. The book shines a light on all things wrong with high school while also highlighting mature concepts that aren’t talked about in most young adult novels.

I was obsessed with this book from start to finish. Misha had so much depth and sadness wrapped around him, and his heart always seemed to be in two places at once. Ryen was an outsider in her own skin, hating who she was while still acting the part. The way that they find each other left me craving a relationship like theirs.

This book is action-packed, mysterious, spicy, and, ultimately, perfect. It is a perfect book. Thank you, Miss Penelope.

I encourage any fan of New Adult romance to read Punk 57 right now. IT’s free on Kindle Unlimited, and you won’t be disappointed.

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