Birthday Girl – Penelope Douglas

5/5 stars

“It’s hard to find that one person who speaks your language.”

Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas follows Jordan, a nineteen year old student working hard to support herself and her boyfriend, Cole. After a long night at work on her nineteenth birthday, Jordan finds herself at the movies and meets a man who doesn’t just intrigue her, but offers her life advice that makes her feel something she’s been missing for a long time. After being evicted from their apartment, Jordan and Cole move into Cole’s father’s house. After finding out that Jordan’s movie theater buddy, Pike, is her boyfriend’s father, feelings are stirred. With her long-lasting relationship with her boyfriend faltering, her feelings for her boyfriend’s father grow unprecedentedly. In this forbidden age-gap romance, Jordan and Pike find themselves struggling to find the lines between right and wrong.

I was so hesitant to read this book because I’ve never been a fan of age-gap romance before. After all of my friends telling me that Birthday Girl is a MUST READ, I finally caved and started reading it. Without a doubt, I am still completely shocked at how well this book flowed. It was seamless, addressing every concern and bump in the road along the way.

The characters were flawless. Jordan, coming from a past that taught her to grow up at a young age, was one of the strongest heroin characters that I think I’ve ever read. She knew exactly what she wanted in life, despite her tough upbringing, and was determined to get there. Her courage and strength is one that is enviable but relatable to any young reader who has to deal with similar situations. Pike was wise and mature in this… youthful way. Having a child at a young age and missing out on things most young adults are able to experience, his relationship with both Jordan and Cole was… understandable. Where other adults may settle when they’re at a certain age, readers really feel for Pike and want the best for him.

The sequence of events in this book amazed me. I really can’t believe how much I loved this. Then again, I love Penelope Douglas. Why am I even surprised? Of course she could write something so taboo and perfect.

Without saying too much, I’ll wrap it up by saying that if you’re scared of age-gaps in romance novels… if it’s never been your thing before (because it certainly isn’t mine), this book is one that will have you blasting “Guys My Age” and wishing you were in Jordan’s shoes. This book is phenomenal, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. You should read it.

Like, just do it. Okay?

Anyway… Thank you Penelope Douglas for never disappointing. I’m so excited to read more Pen Douglas books this year.

And now everyone can stop YELLING at me to read Birthday Girl. I did it. I loved it. Okay? Okay.

As always, if you have any recommendations (don’t start throwing age-gaps at me now), leave them in the comments below, and let me know what you thought of Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas.

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