Misconduct – Penelope Douglas

5/5 Stars

“Damaged people were survivors, and they survived because they always put themselves first. Self-preservation demanded it.”

In this steamy romance, Easton Bradbury, a former tennis player, becomes a history teacher at a local private school in New Orleans. With a past that she wants to forget about, she focuses on becoming the best teacher she can be. After meeting Tyler Marek, the father of one of her students, it’s easy for Easton to realize why his son isn’t doing well in her class. Tyler, while a successful business man, has no clue how to raise a teenage boy. Easton and Tyler battle on her teaching methods, ultimately getting under the other’s skin. Though their battle is heated, it’s hard to deny the desire between them. Easton craves Tyler almost as much as Tyler craves Easton. In this taboo age-gap romance, you’ll fall madly in love with both Easton and Tyler, and their pasts will pull at the stings in your heart.

I read this book immediately after reading Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas. I’ve never been a huge fan of age gap books, but Birthday Girl was amazing, and I was excited to dive into Misconduct immediately after.

Oh. My. God. This book is the best thing I’ve ever read in my entire life. Easton Bradbury is a BADASS, and I am in love with her strength and determination. The way she handles her past and puts everyone important in her life ahead of her is so heart wrenching. The entire book, you just want the best for her. Easton Bradbury deserves the world. Tyler Marek, being as rich and successful as he is, doesn’t have it easy either. His backstory is full of sadness and regret. His goals are right in front of him, but he just can’t seem to reach them. All in all, both of the main characters in this book deserve a fresh start and a happy ending.

The relationship between Easton and Tyler is TOP TIER. Their first interaction was full of mystery and intrigue, and every meeting after that just got better and better. I’m afraid to give too much information away, simply because I genuinely think this is a book everyone should read. If you’re a romance fan, please add this to your TBR. Make it your next read. Penelope Douglas doesn’t ever disappoint, but this book was next level good. Tyler Marek and Easton Bradbury will have you longing for a relationship just like theirs.

The. Couch. Scene. I can’t say anything else, but OH MY. The temperature rises just thinking about that scene.

Check out Misconduct by Penelope Douglas on Kindle and Amazon. This one isn’t free on Kindle Unlimited, but it is worth the extra couple of dollars. I promise.

As always, if you’ve read Misconduct, leave a comment below and leave suggestions on what I should read next!

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