Bulletproof – Xavier Neal

4/5 Stars

In this book by Xavier Neal, we follow Blake, a headstrong business woman full of confidence and Bronx, a hardworking bodyguard. When Blake’s life is threatened, Bronx is hired to protect her—not to let her kidnapped. Against his morals, Bronx has a strong attraction to Blake, but the assignment comes first. In this stunning novel, rules are broken. 

I loved this book! Blake is such a badass. Her intelligence and complexity is unique to many heroins in modern romance novels. Bronx’s personality fits with Blake so perfectly, I couldn’t get enough of their banter and wit. As their relationship grew stronger, I was totally invested. 

The plot in this novel was so strong, perfectly crafted, and suspenseful. The characters were wonderful. The end had me smiling ear to ear. I picked up this book and read it all in one sitting. My heart was rebelling with emotions. 

I want to be more like Blake. And I want someone like Bronx. Like… don’t you??? 

The spice—immaculate. As a romance reader, it’s a little more challenging to blow me out of the water with spicey scenes, but this book did it. I mean, the way they talked… Someone turn on the AC!!!

I’m new to reading Xavier Neal, and I’m definitely hooked! Excited to read more by this author. Read it today!!

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