Mr. Masters – TL Swan

4/5 Stars.

“Well, that was unexpected.”

In this spicy age gap romance by TL Swan, we follow Brielle, a 26 year old from Australia living in London on a work visa in her journey to discover herself. After landing a nanny job with a Mrs. Julian Masters, our strong heroine, Brielle, finds out that Masters isn’t a Mrs. at all. Now living in a stanger’s home to watch his children despite her lack of experience and knowledge, Brielle is struggling to stay afloat. Widower Julian Masters seems to have it all together. With a toxic attitude and a hard-to-handle daughter, a happy future isn’t attainable. No amount of girls and meaningless sex will fill the void in Julian’s heart, and he doesn’t even realize it.

When Brielle continuously messes up on the job, walking into rooms she doesn’t belong and talking back to Julian’s teenage daughter, it becomes clear that the working arrangement. With one more chance to make it work, Bree discovers that there’s much more to this family she’s working for. As she grows closer to every individual in the house, the situation grows more and more complex.

Julian and Bree enter into a friends with benefits arrangement early on in the book (it’s a romance, don’t get mad at me for spoiling!). With the situation getting stickier and more and more complicated, Bree and Masters realize their new relationship may be detrimental to their own needs.

Mr. Masters is a complicated contemporary romance, boundaries are stretched, rules are rewritten and love is tested on various levels.

Brielle is one of my favorite heroine characters contemporary romance has ever known. The way she says exactly what’s on her mind is so badass. She’s an outstanding character with a unique voice that I absolutely loved.

Masters seemed more anti-hero than hero to me in the beginning. With his misunderstood story and secrets, his voice surprised me as I continued reading. His friends and family were all strong characters that added to his story. By the end of the book, I’d completely fallen for Julian Masters.

With a strong plot line with a ton of dialogue and complex character voices, I loved this book.

This book had it all. It was spicy, original, romantic, surprising, and extremely emotional. Each plot point and twist and turn had be absolutely captivated. I’m not extremely surprised by the outlines of a lot of contemporary fiction, but this book had me turning pages all the way through. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.

I’m a new reader to TL Swan, but I couldn’t get over her style. I love dialogue. I love arguments. I love characters that are vocal. TL Swan had it all. The dialogue was witty and charming. It was never-ending, exactly as it should be. It was phenomenal.

This book is a must read in the contemporary fiction genre, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes age gaps and complex storylines.

If you read Mr. Masters or any of the Mr. series by TL Swan, leave a comment over on my instagram post (@alyssasbookblog) for Mr. Masters, and recommend me a new book!

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