Hush Hush & Say Yes – Lucia Franco

5/5 stars.

In this award winning novel by Lucia Franco, Hush Hush follows Aubrey Abrams, a college student who struggles to afford day to day life. When her parents died, her Grammy took her in and raised her, and now Aubrey is on a mission to take back her life and care for Grammy the way that she deserves. When Aubrey’s bestie and roommate, Natalie, offers her a once in a lifetime opportunity that comes with quick cash, Aubrey puts aside her hesitations and does what she needs to do to support herself.

With this new job comes a new set of rules: Don’t get attached to clients and don’t let anyone know your true identity.

With a new boy in Aubrey’s life, a best friend who guides her through her work struggles, and a sh*tload of cash, things are turning up—until he becomes her client.

Rules were meant to be broken in this stunning, forbidden age-gap novel.

Aubrey Abrams is the epitome of everything that women desire to be. In the beginning of this book, I fell madly in love with her abrasive yet passionate personality, her outspoken ways, and her drive. She falls out of a shy worker and into this blossoming woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Even through the ups and downs of her family struggles and personal relationships, Aubrey chooses the path that she believes is right, even when it hurts her in the end. While she may not always be proud of what she does, she is truly an iconic character that can never be repeated in the romance genre.

I’d love to get into the details of the main male character in this book, but some things are better left unsaid. Let’s just say, he’s definitely not what you’d expect. He’s better. While I’m biased and love Kova more than anything, the main male character in this novel is something spectacular. With a lifetime of resentment behind him, he chooses to go after what he wants for the first time.

This story was just as amazing to read as I knew it would be. Having binged Off Balance, I needed a story like this to bring me back to earth. This book is funny, witty, sexy, and a true emotional rollercoaster.

and when you finish reading Hush Hush, you’re going to want to know more. The ending is pretty conclusive, but if you need more like I did, Say Yes is an answer to your prayers. The ending is beautiful, and I absolutely loved it.

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