No Vacancy – Stephanie Rose

4/5 Stars.

“This is the good kind of chaos, Caterina.”

In this steamy insta-love romance by Stephanie Rose, No Vacancy follows a Caterina and Joe, two hard working people who have a hard time putting their work lives aside to do anything that might make them happy in their personal lives.

When Caterina comes home from work early to find her boyfriend of two years on her brand new couch with a different woman, she packs up her bags and leaves Brooklyn to start her vacation early. Driving to the shore, Caterina checks into a motel with spotty wifi and college kids everywhere. Luckily there’s a restaurant across the road with a better connection. She ventures across the street in hopes of a good meal and to get some work done. When the owner of The Beach Pub whips her up something to eat passed close and sits across from her, neither one understands the sudden pull between them. After a long and wild night together, Joe and Caterina fight their urges and start a friendship. After all, Caterina leaves in less than a week, just got out of a relationship, and lives three and a half hours away. What sense would it make to see where things go?

When the pull between the two is too much to handle, things go sour. Life gets confusing. Work is dismissed. Love is explored. But in two weeks, Caterina still has to go back to Brooklyn, and Joe still has to stay in New Jersey. With her successful career and his flourishing business, there’s no time to explore other options, even if they both desperately want to.

Joe is the kind of hero in romance that is unbelievably hot. Like seriously, I had to put the book down and take some breathers. At thirty, owning a restaurant and maintaining a social life isn’t an option for him, but he wants to do it anyways when he meets Caterina. Caterina is stubborn, thinks way too much, and second guesses her choices often. Despite feeling like a mess, she can’t push the feelings she’s acquiring away. Her entire life is work, and she starts to realize that maybe that isn’t her best quality.

I loved this book! It was such a quick read, and so honest and raw. The emotional connection instantly hooked me in. In such a small town, it was hard for the two to avoid each other, especially when neither of them wanted to! I stayed up all night reading, and wasn’t expecting such a heart wrenching story. This book was sexy, emotional, and filled with contemplation. The short vacation felt like months of getting-to-know-you material, not just two weeks. When the relationship halted, so did my heart.

Everyone should pick up this book! No Vacancy is an amazingly well written with phenomenal characters. I can’t wait to read more by Stephanie Rose after picking up this novel!

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