You’ll Think of Me – Lucia Franco

4.5/5 Stars.

“There was no one else, Livy. No one got what you got.”

In this small town novel by Lucia Franco, You’ll Think of Me follows Luke Jackson, a country singer, and Olivia King, a doctor, who fell in love at a young age. Their passionate relationship is strong enough to ignite a fire, but when Livy accepts a scholarship to a medical school in New York City, Luke decides he can’t handle the distance. If he can’t have all of Livy, he doesn’t want any of her. Nine years later, Livy is done with med school and moves back to Georgia practicing medicine in Savannah while Luke has made it big in the country music world. With a new job closer to home and a new boyfriend who stirs feelings in her that haven’t been felt since she was with Luke, Livy’s emotional strength is tested. When Luke’s parents become her patients, accidentally inviting Luke back into her life, Livy is a wreck. This second chance romance novel will keep you up all night, and you’ll never want to put it down.

Livy isn’t strong all the time, and Luke has anger issues beyond repair, but when the two are together their chemistry radiates off the pages. Their relationship is an emotional rollercoaster. I fell for Luke instantly. Luke is a yummy country boy who knows what he wants, but won’t chase something that doesn’t want him back. With Livy’s stubborn personality, and Luke’s fuck-you attitude, I just about died from anxiety while reading this book.

and I loved it.

You’ll Think of Me is in third person. I have never read a third person book all the way through—not since middle school, at least. I usually can’t focus when I read third person because it feels too impersonal to me, but Lucia Franco has a way with words that can’t be left unread. This book was amazing regardless, and I loved it. Absolutely loved it.

This book made me anxious, but left me feeling satisfied in the end. I was an emotional wreck right up to the end.

The musical tie in made me feel right at home. The way both main characters thought and talked about music was stunning, and I related to so many of the words deeply and personally. This book started a fire in my soul that burned all the way through. I’d read it again any day of the week.

This book SUCKED(*made me emotional. I wanted to throw my phone at a wall while I read it*).

I loved it.

As always leave a comment if you’ve read or are planning to read You’ll Think of Me by Lucia Franco, and let me know your thoughts and any recommendations you might have for me!

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