Sweet Oblivion – Alexa Padgett

3.4/5 Stars.

That’s why I’d connected with her so seamlessly. That’s why I felt best in her presence.

She was my other half.”

In the first book of the Oblivion series by Alexa Padgett, Sweet Oblivion tells a romantic story about Nash and Aya, two lost souls who understand lost personally. When they meet at five years old, something clicks. Aya never forgets Nash, the boy who saved her from the ocean and told her he’d be a superstar one day. When Aya is supposed to transfer to Nash’s school in high school, they form an internet friendship and learn to know each other better than anyone else. As they grow older, their connection never wavers. With Nash’s family issues weighing on his shoulders, he pursues the one thing he knows best: music. Aya, the brainy, cultured beauty, is nothing but supportive in his endeavors. With growing up, secrets are revealed in each family, and pain begins to surround them both. Despite all the exciting opportunities rising, one misunderstanding might break them apart forever.

In this novel, love is complicated and friendships are challenged.

As a new reader to Alexa Padgett, I was excited to indulge in this Advanced Readers Copy and start Aya and Nash’s journey. This book had a lot of twists and turns, and was sometimes overwhelming. I’d like to say I would rather categorize this book more in the young adult department, although it definitely has scenes that push it up to 18+ for sure. The way that Aya and Nash struggle to find themselves in each other is something a lot of young readers might be able to relate to, or perhaps it’s a good place to reflect on your own youth as you start this romance series.

This book was amazing. From penpals to friends to… something more… this romantic story is youthful and angsty, and the music tie in is absolutely wonderful. I’m definitely excited to read the rest of this series when it comes out!

I mean, once you get to the end of this book, I promise you won’t disagree with me there. Continuing is a must! I need to know what happens next! Ahhhh!!!

Sweet Oblivion releases this Tuesday, August 31st! Make sure to check it out.

Fans of Slammed and Hopeless might like this novel! Let me know if you’re planning to read it or if you’re adding it to your TBR!

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