Hooked – Emily McIntire

4/5 Stars.

In this dark romance novel by Emily McIntire, Hooked isn’t your average re-telling of a fairytale. Following James (aka Hook) and Wendy, this novel will sweep you off your feet and twist your imagination into dark, delectable places.

The sheltered, caring, heroine in the story, Wendy, is desperate to fly free after spending years under the wing of her successful father. After her mother’s passing, Wendy and her younger brother had to deal with years of absent parenting. Moving to a new town, working a new job and making new friends while still raising her brother almost entirely alone, Wendy is ready for a fresh start. When her friends take her to a night club with a fake ID, she meets the mysterious James, or Hook as most call him. James, with a tortured past and a craving for vengeance, lives a violent life. In the open, Wendy sees him as a gentleman, but behind closed doors, his occupation and cravings are beyond her darkest imagination. With James’ persistency and Wendy’s need for something more, their relationship takes them to new highs.

Their relationship brings James to new heights, and Wendy revels in the darkness behind his eyes.

While this book isn’t an actual retelling of Peter Pan, the references are endless, and will bring a smile to your face as you read Emily McIntire’s sweet, twisted words. This book is not a fairytale, and the hero is a villain. The relationship between the two main characters is emotional, physical, spicy, and crazed. I was infatuated with James, and his story is one that you won’t want to miss. This book is a must read for dark romance and retelling lovers.

I have loved Emily McIntire’s writing style since reading her Sugarlake series, and while this book is definitely not comparable to the sweet, saucy small town romances she’s written before, you’ll be flying high with this story. I absolutely cannot wait to read more from this author. Her plots are filled with ‘oh wow’ moments that will leave you breathless. The twists and turns, mysteries and darkness all have crucial tie-ins and are absolutely outstanding.

Congrats, Emily McIntire. You’ve done it again. This book was beyond impressive.

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