Vow of Hell – Clara Elroy

4/5 Stars.

In this second City of Stars noel by Clara Elroy, Vow of Hell follows Saint and Aria in an arranged marriage. Where Saint, a former NFL player, is no stranger to the playboy lifestyle, Aria is reserved while she focuses on her career as a fashion influencer. With a rivalry between their company brands, and completely different lifestyles, Saint and Aria battle in their new forced relationship. Even with an agreement between them, the two struggle to find stay in the lines of healthy boundaries. Will they sacrifice their integrities and make the arrangement work? Y’all are about to find out.

I was captivated by this book from the second I started reading it. Aria is a well-written character who exceeded my expectations. With today’s societal standard, Aria fit the role of an influencer struggling to breathe with insecurities. Saint is a typical playboy who comes off completely arrogant with a mean streak. They are complete and utter opposites, but still, Aria’s attraction to Saint adds to the enticing factors for this novel.

This book had so many captivating twists and turns! I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for what comes next. Saint has a lot of character development within his relationship with Aria, and Aria really begins to flourish throughout the book. Their relationship was next level good. Like WOW. Thank you so much, Clara Elroy! This is the couple you didn’t know you needed, but you definitely do.

I loved Kiss of War, and I think I might even love Vow of Hell a little more!!! I cannot wait to read more by Clara Elroy in the future!

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